Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Me

Dear Me,

I gotta me more vigilant on a lot of things this year. I have a lot of resolutions this year and am aiming high. I hope this year will be a great year and I'm excited for the challenges.

Here are some of my resolutions broken down in different categories:

-Stop spending money like crazy

  • Start using coupons more wisely

  • Don't get sucked into sales

  • Think before buying impulsively

-Eat more healthy

  • Avoid fast food and pack lunch

  • Stay away from sodium, sugar, and carbs


  • Atleast once a week, do atleast 15 minutes of excercising

-Achieve more at work

  • Be more orderly to avoid missing out on details

  • Pick up the phone more

  • Network and be more personable

  • Grab at challenges and new tasks


  • Declutter

  • Get rid of excess

  • Organize paper


  • Start using more hair and skin products

  • Moisturize every morning and night

  • Use my lip moisturizer every day

  • Use a new makeup item every week

  • Shop my stash and avoid buying new items

  • Project 10-pan


  • Spend more quality time as a family

  • Avoid nagging on the husband

Wow..that's a lot to accomplish this year. I especially want to blog more. I want to get a clearer mindset and this will be my outlet for my frustrations, my ideas, my opinions, and anything else. Well hopefully I can look back at this post next year, and say that I improved on becoming a better person.

We shall see...


Sandy Kue

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