Friday, January 30, 2015

Lots of changes!

Wow, has this past year been full of changes. My family and I moved to a whole new smaller city with no one we know.  I am now working from home.  New home and a new job environment.  So far, the smaller city sucks.  Really dead and no shopping options.  Working from home is awesome. I finally have a work life balance that I never actually have had.  Which leads me to this blog.  I am dedicating for this year to do more, use more of what I have already, and enjoy life!  I really want to start saving for a house and a trip this year.  I need to start eating healthy and hitting the gym.  I want to concentrate on being a better mother and wife, as well.  Hopefully sticking to this blog will help me be more accountable to my goals and keep track of my progress!

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