Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Memebox Unboxing & Review of My Holiday Glam #2

So I'm not really into those subscription boxes but I love Memebox. Memebox is a website that sells Korean makeup and skincare and makes them more accessible in the U.S.  I'm a super couponer so the value of the many products I buy is an important factor when I make that final click and confirm a purchase online.  I admit the surprise is also nice when opening these mystery boxes.  I ordered in the beginning of February a mystery box from Memebox called My Holiday Glam #2.  It was a Christmas edition that they were re-promoting.  I am so happy I got the opportunity to snag it before it got sold out again. One thing about Memebox, boxes get sold out fast!

Onto the review of the box itself, I was pretty excited to unbox this one as I had heard great reviews about it.  It comes with 8 products, more geared towards makeup. I've received in the past a couple of their Black Friday boxes that were more geared towards skincare, so it was a nice change to see some Korean makeup.  Here's a picture of the box itself:

This was $29.99 so this was a great deal considering you get 7 products! All full sizes!  Now onto the products.

First was the White Flower BB Cream from Deoproce.  I have never heard from this brand before but my first inital impressions are good.  It's regularly $12 and is 30g of product.  I got shade #21 which is a good match for me in winter.  The texture is similar to a tinted moisturizer and feels very lightweight.  It blends out pretty well and offers light coverage that is good for your no-makeup days.  

The next product is the Wholly Deep Jewel Pot in the color #6 Burgundy from Peripera.  It retails $29 and is 3g of product.  I could stare at this baby for so long! Feels like the L'oreal loose eyeshadows.  Its such a pretty eyeshadow that in my extensive color collection, I do not have!  Would look great with black smoked out in the crease. 

The next product is Vivito's Painting Jelly Tint in color RD02 Squeeze Cherry.  It retails $29 and is 5.5 grams of product.  It's a watery tint that is awesome for a great lip stain. Its a cherry red-orange. I love the heart-shaped applicator for this one too! In addition, the color on this one will not budge. I tried taking it off with a makeup wipe and it would not get off! I haven't tried out that whole gradation trend yet on my lips but I will try it out with this lip tint. You can layover it on for it to be more opaque but I kind of like it a little sheer so my own lip color shows through.

The next product is the Rockcat Girl Waterproof Pencil Liner in Purple by Dearberry.  It retails for $5 and is 7 grams of product.  Its a retractable mechanical pencil.  I hate ones that you have to sharpen! The color is a muted dark purple.  Not as silky or pigmented as I would like but I think it would be great for the tracing the bottom.  Picture below shows one light swipe and then about 3-4 swipes.  

I also received two nailpolishes from Eclipse in the colors Poppy Red and Fresh Green. They retail for $7 each and are 15 ml of product.  These nail polishes are great!  They are true Christmas colors. The brush application is great and provides even coverage.  The picture below shows only one coat on my nail.  They are pretty opaque. I hate sheer nailpolishes. I've worn it for 3 days and have not seen any chipping! One thing I love about these are how fast they dry.  They were good within 5 minutes!

The last thing in the Memebox was a unique mirror from Cool Enough Studio.  This retails for $15. It is an odd rectangular shape and even more odd is that it works!  Its four-sided and I love how I slim it is for my purse.  I can check out my eye makeup up close and then pull down to check out my lips.  It comes with a great case too that keeps the fingerprints away.  

Overall I was really pleased with this Memebox. They did a great job tying these items together for a complete holiday look with the products and color selection.  This one was definitely a great box for the value.  I was introduced to many new brands.  Some of my favorites out of the box definitely have to be Peripera's Wholly Deep Jewel Pot and Vivito's Painting Jelly Tint.  Will have to check out some other colors from their line!

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